Activities at B&B Taipaleen­niemi

The rooms in B&B Taipaleenniemi are located right by the lake.

There you can take a boat and go rowing, try fishing, swim or enjoy the warmth of the Finnish sauna. The best fishing spots can be found at the front of the main building.

In the forest nearby you can try to find some berries and mushrooms.

During the winter season, you can also try tour skating or other activities nearby through our cooperation partners.


In the heart of the most beautiful lakeland

B&B Taipaleenniemi is situated in the middle of the Finnish lake region.

For example, you can visit the medieval castle Olavinlinna, take part in the Savonlinna Opera Festival, take a cruise on a steam boat on the Lake Saimaa and enjoy the atmosphere of the market place in Savonlinna.

In Punkaharju you can enjoy beautiful scenery on the ridges or visit the Forest Museum Lusto.

If you want some peace and quiet in the nature, the National Parks of Linnansaari and Kolovesi are located nearby.


Summer Activities in nearby Oravi


Photos of available activities in Taipaleenniemi